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For Parents
Happy Ladders empowers parents to address the developmental needs of their child without being "more."
About the Platform

What's Happy Ladders?

Happy Ladders delivers personalized, play and routine-based therapy plans that any parent can do in the time they have each day.


How Does It Work?

Happy Ladders for iOS and Android delivers play and routine-based therapy plans that any parent can do in the time they have each day.


  • Developmental Skill Assessments
  • Personalized Therapy Plans
  • Live Office Hours
  • Exclusive Community
  • Articles, Videos, and Toy Guide
  • Easy Data Tracking (Activities, Good Days, Language Log)

Positive Outcomes

Parent-Led Research by Catalight Foundation
Expanding Access

Happy Ladders is For...

Parents of children with developmental needs scoring in the 0-36 month range

Parents of children who may be at-risk of an autism diagnosis

Families who cannot access in-person services due to waiting lists, location, work schedules, or other constraints

Parents who prefer to work at their own pace, on their own

What Parents Are Saying

Praise & Progress

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"She would always fuss when putting her shoes on. But this week, she went to find her shoes alone and put them on by herself!It's big progress because she wouldn't even keep them on before, let alone put them on."

Latina Woman in her Mid 30's Smiling

Enrica H.

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"At 18 months my daughter was undiagnosed and non-verbal. After a few months of using doing the communication activities with her, she began talking. She is doing so well, I was able to enroll her in a Montessori School. I'm so grateful to have something while we wait for services."

Middle-aged woman smiling with her Child

Maria S.

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"When I first started, Mac wouldn't even sit for 5 seconds with a book. Zero interest in them. I kept at it because of you and your program, now he has several favorite books and one is a must bring, favorite item!"

Woman Kissing Child Outdoors

Jordan B.

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"My son learned how to greet his teacher by her name when entering the classroom by me prompting him everyday and then giving him positive reinforcement immediately after by giving him a little packet of gummy bears. Today he finally did it on his own when I faded out the prompting and waited to see if he would do it."

Selfie of woman smiling

Rosami S.

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Happy Ladders is currently available through contracted organizations, including California Regional Centers. Contact your service coordinator to request it for your family. Have questions? Get in touch!

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