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About Us
We’re parents and professionals with diverse backgrounds from early childhood education, autism therapy, technology, and business operations, that share a single goal — to empower parents of children with developmental needs expand the potential of their child.
From Our CEO

Hi, I'm Amy.

Amy Jacobs-Schroeder

I’m a mother to five kids, a wife and daughter, the author of the Parent-Led Revolution and co-founder of Happy Ladders.

I have enormous respect for special needs parents and the work and worry they carry. My goal is to create a shortcut to helping their children and cut out all the extra time and useless information, while keeping the goals simple, but growth and progress steady. I would love to do the same for you.

‍I’ve been in the field working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities for almost 25 years. I am a lover of ABA strategies and a believer that ABA can be both fun and flexible.

I’ve watched parents be asked to sit on the sidelines while the professionals worked with their children and challenged that belief 15 years ago when I switched to a parent-led approach to autism therapy.

It has forever changed my life and I hope it does the same for you. We parents are our childrens’ best asset and we should be the director of their show, the captain of their ship.

- Amy Jacobs-Schroeder

Our Team


Sean Schroeder
Sean Schroeder
Co-Founder, CXO
Father, Entrepreneur, Builder, Musician, Mountain Biker, Snowboarder and Technologist.
Yev Veverka
Yev Veverka
Clinical Advisor
Mother, BCBA-D, PhD, RV and Outdoor Enthusiast.
Matt Levine
Matt Levine
Technical Advisor
Father, Musician, Technical Founder,  and Soccer fan.
Yancy Riddle
Yancy Riddle
OperationAL Advisor
Father, Musician, Founder/Executive of Five Successful High-Tech Start-Ups, and Master-Level Business Integrator.