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Big Responsibilities, Big Implications

Whether it’s your mission or mandate, not being able to provide resources and services to all of the families you serve can have big implications.

Happy Ladders goes where others can't, extending opportunity beyond the reach of traditional services.

Champion inclusion with a solution that anyone can access—anywhere, anytime.

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Developmental Progress in Less Than 2 Hours a Week


Activity Sessions per Week


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Percentage Reporting Progress


Parent-Led vs. Provider-Led

Parent-Led Research by Catalight Foundation

How Does It Work?

Happy Ladders delivers personalized play and routine-based therapy plans that any parent can do in the time they have each day.


  • Developmental Skill Assessments
  • Personalized Therapy Plans
  • Live Office Hours
  • Exclusive Community
  • Articles, Videos, and Toy Guide
  • Data Tracking
  • Supports Multiple Children & Caregivers
Expanding Access

Happy Ladders is For...

Parents of children with developmental needs scoring in the 0-36 month range

Parents of children who may be at-risk of an autism diagnosis

Families who cannot access in-person services due to waiting lists, proximity to services, work schedules, or other constraints

Parents who prefer to work at their own pace, on their own

What Parents Are Saying

Making Progress

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"[Child] never really attempts to get our attention when he wants something. After a few days of trying this technique, he gives us a physical touch by the wrist to tell us he wants something. He also makes eye contact from time to time."

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"We finally got [child] to understand what taking shoes off means. He’s finally giving us his feet to tell us to remove his shoes."

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“Transition to bedtime went great!!! We did heavy work before. Then bath. Used an Alexa timer for drying her hair while watching a video. Then turned it off and moved to her room. She only kicked once, and didn’t throw any books. Read 3 books, then she fell asleep after a little while.”

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