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Personalized Autism Therapy Platform  that Empowers You to Ensure Your Child Fulfills Their Potential

Teach essential developmental skills in the time you have each day — so you can live the life you envision

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Autism Therapy that Empowers You to Ensure Your Child Fulfills Their Potential

Happy Ladders is home-based therapy to teach essential developmental skills in the time you have each day — and live the life you envision

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Personalized for Your Child

Exclusive Private Community

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Parent's Guide to Play-Based Autism Therapy for Toddlers

Therapy doesn't have to feel like a full-time job for your toddler. Teach essential developmental skills and independence through play!

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We Understand How Easy It Is Feel Overwhelmed

How do I know if my child has developmental needs?

Are the signs I'm seeing a cause for concern?

Is my child behind due to lack of services during the pandemic?

Is there anything I can do while awaiting a diagnosis or for services?

You are not powerless. You can teach your child the essential developmental skills they need today, tomorrow and forever.

Why Happy Ladders?

Better Outcomes

Children who receive parent-led autism therapy have less severe overall symptoms later in childhood, with improved social communication and reduced repetitive behaviors.


No high-hour intervention, no table-time, no rigid structure, no cancellations, no turn-over. 

Created by Parent-Led Pioneers

Created by professionals (who are also busy parents) that dared to imagine a different approach. Happy Ladders is the culmination of more than 15 years delivering Parent-Led Autism Therapy. And seeing the outcomes first-hand.


Simple & Fun

Teach essential skills by playing — and connecting — with your child.

Easy to Access

Go at your own pace, on your phone, on your tablet, laptop, wherever and whenever. No one in your home, no schedule to follow, just you and your kiddo.

Fits Into Your Life

All activities are designed to allow you to seamlessly teach skill development through everyday routines.


Covers all areas of development including Communication, Play, Self-Help and Community Access.

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Meet the Founder

An Interview with @TheAutismDad

Skill School: Teaching Non-Verbal Requests

When young children find an activity or game they enjoy, they often like to do it over and over and over again. This is developmentally appropriate — and also a great way to teach new skills, as repetition provides multiple learning opportunities. This activity will help teach and reinforce how your child can request more of an action they are enjoying.


How It Works

Join Happy Ladders

Everything starts with a first step and joining Happy Ladders is that first, simple step you take to ensure your child fulfills their potential.

Take the Assessments

Complete a short skill assessment in each category and we'll personalize your child's curriculum for each.

Start Where Your Child Is At

Watch a short video, then enjoy playing with your child as you do the activities in each lesson.

Watch Them Climb

As your child masters each target skill, they'll move up to the next set of ladders. They'll also gain collateral skills and reinforce existing ones too!

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You Got This.

You may feel like you aren't capable or have the capacity to help your child like the professionals.

You have this little person that you love to the moon and back.
Who better than you to be their teacher?

Happy Ladders was designed for busy parents who want to help their child, but may not know how, feel like they have the time, or simply want to help their child today.

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Everyday ABA

How I use simple human behavior principles to prep for cleaning day without releasing the beast and losing my mind every other Monday morning.

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Teach Your Child Essential Developmental Skills for Today, Tomorrow and Forever


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