Empower parents and meet the needs of 100% of your families — 100% of the time.

Happy Ladders is Parent-Led Autism Therapy that empowers parents to teach essential skills to their child through play.

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Mandated Payers



Big Responsibility, Big Implications

Whether it’s your mission or mandate, not being able to provide services to all of the families you serve can have big implications.

  • Lost Time for Families
  • Legal Consequences
  • Financial Consequences

Compliments Existing Services

Our Parent-Led Autism Therapy makes existing programs even more effective.

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Reduces Program Dependency

Fade programs sooner by empowering parents, giving them confidence to continue making progress after services have concluded.



For the cost of a co-pay per month, you can provide an effective, always-accessible, autism therapy resource.



Whether you have 10 or 10,000 families, Happy Ladders can accommodate as many as you need to serve.

It can be challenging to meet the needs of all the families you serve.

From families awaiting a diagnosis or at-risk, on a waiting list, or in rural areas, to parents that work full-time, require a covid-safe option, or are simply unhappy with previous experiences, there are situations you just can't cover with traditional services.

Happy Ladders solves this.


Children who receive parent-led autism therapy have less severe overall symptoms later in childhood, with improved social communication and reduced repetitive behaviors.

Grounded in ABA

This is not your parent’s ABA. No high-level intervention hours, no table-time or rigid structure. This is play, with Applied Behavior Analysis at the core.

Created by Parent-Led Pioneers

Created by professionals that saw the challenges of traditional, high cost, high maintenance programs and dared to imagine a different approach. Happy Ladders is the culmination of more than 15 years successfully delivering Parent-Led Autism Therapy.

Our Program

Comprehensive Curriculum

Happy Ladders supports the parents of children from infants to school-age, and across all areas of skill development including Communication, Play, Self-Help and Community Access.

Weekly Office Hours

We offer weekly office hours to provide support and ensure success in a group setting.

Community of Peers

Our exclusive community offers support both from the Happy Ladders staff and other parents.

Getting Started

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Families Receive

Meet Your Mandate
& Fulfill Your Mission

Why Happy Ladders?

  • Designed to be used on its own or supplement existing services, not replace them
  • Support and consulting is provided via weekly office hours, giving parents and other caregivers the help they need to ensure success
  • Incredibly cost-effective and scalable
  • Provide access to therapy for any family, anywhere

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Learn how Happy Ladders can help you fulfill your mission and meet the needs of 100% of your families—100% of the time